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Jorge, Age 17


Joined the Club:  Age 7

Jorge is a first-generation American. South Club Unit Director Paco Fuentes says he embodies characteristics often seen in other children of immigrants.

“These kids feel as if they don’t fit in,”  Fuentes said. “They are quiet, guarded. When Jorge came to us, he was meek, one of those ‘invisible’ kids. But Jorge took advantage of what we have to offer. He paid attention. More importantly, he gave back.” 

For his hard work and community service, dedicating 10 hours each week in the South Club kitchen, Jorge was recognized by the Barrientos Foundation as Latino Youth of the Year, and was cited for his volunteerism at the South Club.

“If I had a son,” Fuentes said. “I would want him to be Jorge. He has so much integrity, a strong work ethic and an even stronger moral compass.

“I’ve seen him blossom over the years. Jorge is no longer invisible.”

Favorite Activity: ”That’s a hard question because I’ve learned so much here — I like to play pool, swim and play ping pong — but helping out is my favorite activity. I help in the kitchen every day. If there’s something they need – cleaning, cooking at the grill, serving, I like to do it.” 

One word to describe the Club:  “Family. It’s my second home. I will never forget about this place. There’s so much here that’s part of who I am.”  

One word to describe yourself: ”Happy.“   

Dreams for the future: “I’d like to go through the certificate program at Metro Community College and then go to a four-year culinary school like Johnson & Wales.”