Readers to Leaders Fun Plex Trip

By November 30, 2017 News & Events

Have you ever watched a young person complete their first book on their own?

One of our members, a fifth grader named Kristen who could only read at a first grade level when she came to the Clubs, recently finished reading her first chapter book. She was so proud of herself.

This accomplishment changed how she carried herself—she hesitates less when talking to or playing games with other members, walks with her head up, and has told our staff that she is no longer teased at school because of her reading. She just passed a reading-level test, which placed her at a fifth-grade level. She’s caught up with her peers, and now she LOVES to read!

All summer, young Club members worked hard to learn key reading skills, from vocabulary to identifying storyline themes, in the Readers to Leaders program. In Readers to Leaders, Club members read books, take quizzes, and earn points toward an overall reading goal based on their scores.

In July, members who completed their summer reading goals got to celebrate with a trip to Fun Plex! We played games, swam, and shared delicious snacks. What a fun day!

Though a trip to the waterpark is always fun, the most valuable and rewarding part of our academics-focused programs is watching members gain and develop skills that they will use in school and beyond. BGCM academic programs include: Readers to Leaders, Power Hour, STEM Academy, and LEGO Robotics.

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