Carter Lake Image Makers Winners

By January 9, 2018 News & Events

Congratulations to Lilyahna and D’Andrea

for winning the National Image Makers Photography Contest!

Lilyahna (Lily) and D’Andrea are part of the Image Makers program at the Club in Carter Lake. During Image Makers, Club members learn photography and photo-editing skills and practice different styles of photography. Members can enter their photos in the BGCM Annual Art Showcase, where their pictures receive community recognition and where they can earn an opportunity to participate in Regional and National competitions.

Lily and D’Andrea took photos and submitted them into the local contest…and won! They went to the Regional Contest, winning there too, and then on to the National Contest. Wow!

D’Andrea entered her portrait titled “Garrett” into the 13-15 Image Makers Portrait category. Lily entered her picture of a skeleton of a leaf into the Nature & Surroundings category.

Lily and D’Andrea earned the title of “Judge’s choice” at the National Competition in August. They received a three-day trip to San Diego to celebrate their achievement at an award reception at Sony Headquarters. The girls flew down with their Unit Director, Miss Courtney. It was exciting and scary—this was their first time on a plane!

While they were in San Diego Lily and D’Andrea also got to visit Sea World, see a Padres game, and visit La Jolla Beach! Neither Lily nor D’Andrea had ever been to the ocean before (needless to say, it was AWESOME!)

This was the trip of a lifetime!

We are so glad that BGCM members get opportunities like this. It’s another great reason to be a part of or to support the Clubs.

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