Tacos for Good Behavior!

By March 12, 2020 News & Events

Each month, the Carter Lake Club rewards their members with some free food and recognition!

Unit Director, Courtney Comfort had this to say:

“At the Carter Lake Boys & Girls Club, we take pride in our members. Recognition is one of the five key elements of Youth Development. With that being said, as a staff team we nominate a member each month who has done one, some, or all of these characteristics: Demonstrate outstanding character, overcome adversity, turn around behavior that isn’t as desirable, good character and citizenship throughout the Club with members and staff, and/or participation in core programs.”

One member from each age group is chosen to be recognized in front of the rest of the Carter Lake Club. Additionally, these Club members get treated to dinner at Jonesy’s Taco House!

One of our Club member’s parents owns the restaurant. We have partnered with them for about a year to provide a night out to celebrate the successes of our members of the month. This is their donation to our Club for all the good things we do for the youth in our community. Good work to our members and THANK YOU Jonesy’s!”

Way to go Carter Lake!