A promise made nine years ago…

By January 26, 2021 News & Events

Nine year ago, Paco Fuentes, Unit Director at the South Omaha Boys & Girls Club, visited the 6th grade class at Castelar Elemnetary school to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. When Fuentes arrived, he let the class know that which ever student exhibited the best behavior would receive an invitation for a job interview after their 16th birthday.

A young Dulce Rodriguez knew this was a great opportunity! After proving she was the right choice, she gave Fuentes a call earlier last year. After nine year of preparing, she was ready to ace the interview. Not surprisingly, she got the job! Rodriguez now works a group leader to supervise younger members at the Club. Her new position at the Clubs is just one of the many accomplishments of Dulce Rodriguez since her days at Castelar Elementary. Rodriguez is currently a sophomore at Metro Community College and was named Miss Nebraska Latina in 2020!

We are excited to officially welcome her into the Boys & Girls Club family!