South Omaha Club Member Finds Confidence Through Running

By May 24, 2021 News & Events

South Omaha Club member, Bella, has spent the last three years working on her mile! In 2018, Bella joined the Junior Triathlon Club at the South Omaha Boys & Girls Club. This is when her love of running began! Club members trained in three categories: swimming, bike riding and running. Bella had previously played other sports but she hadn’t found a passion in them like she did training for the triathlon.

Bella went on to receive a National Merit award for Sports & Fitness programing at the Annual Boys & Girls Clubs Conference. Today Bella is on her middle school track team and specializes in long distance running.

When we asked Bella if it mattered if she won the races, she quickly nodded her head. Paco Fuentes, South Omaha Club Director, added, “Once a competitor, always a competitor!”

Way to go, Bella!