Meet a Staff Member Monday: Jermaine Jones, Chief Career Navigation Officer

By June 16, 2021 News & Events

Name: Jermaine Jones

Position: Chief Career Navigation Officer


What does your position involve?

Providing College and Career education, resources and preparation for teens

Leading the BGCM Scholarship and Internship Program and Youth of the Year Program

Creating partnerships with local businesses, post-secondary institutions, and community organizations which will benefit the teen members and BGCM scholarship students.


How long have you worked at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands?

Almost 7 total years. I have been in this current position for 5 years as of January 2021.


What brought you to Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands? 

I am a former Club member, scholarship recipient, and I have a strong appreciation for what the Clubs do on a daily basis.  Being a part of the largest Youth Development organization in the area is something I am very proud and humbled about.  I have a strong passion for the mentorship and advisement of young people, so why not fulfill my passion at BGCM?


What is your favorite part of working at Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands? 

Walking into a Club during peak programming hours and seeing the faces of all of the kids, from 6 years of age to 18.  It really is a beautiful site to see.  I also love seeing our scholarship students fulfill their academic and career goals.


Is there a mentor or someone who has made a significant impact on your life? How have they contributed to where you are now?

I have had so many influential people in my life over the years, there are literally too many to name. It all started with my father and he made sure I was exposed to many other honorable adults who plays important roles in my life.  I have had so many people provide me with tools to be successful throughout my education, career, and personal life, it truly speaks to the importance of mentorship and having positive influences in a young person’s life.  I often sit and think about all the many pieces of advice I have received over the years and it can all be applied at different times of my life.  For this reason, I cherish the position I have in being able to mentor, advise, and be a role model for so many young people.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love debating sports and music with my son. We often argue about who is the best basketball player, the best rapper or hip hop artist, or who is the best sports team.  We get heated! I also love working out and being fit. I enjoy hosting big gatherings of family and friends and laugh until my stomach hurts.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Fun fact is I guess I am a picky eater, at least many people tell me this.

I have a food allergy to shellfish, I am lactose intolerant so I do not drink milk, eat cheese, eat chocolate candy bars or anything like that.

I do not eat pork or beef…only chicken, fish, and turkey for meat.

Last fun fact.. due to being lactose intolerant, I eat chicken pizza with no cheese and I will eat certain cereals with Orange Juice.  I can’t believe I am telling the public this but this is me.