Brand Identity Components

This guide explains the visual communications standards that comprise BGCM’s brand identity. It serves as a e-rulebook to help maintain brand integrity across communications channels. If you have any questions not answered in the guide, please contact Emma Steeve, Graphic Designer & Content Creator, at


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands, like any large organization, has its own language guidelines to ensure brand integrity. The following rules are meant as a quick reference.

1. Always use an ampersand (&): in the name of the national organization and local Clubs.

2. Club/Clubs – Always capitalize: Club(s), in both the phrase Boys & Girls Club(s) and when used alone.

3. Club member – Young people: who are registered with the Club; “members” is not capitalized.



Color is a powerful tool for branding. Stick to what’s approved to proudly uphold our brand. Pantone Process Blue is our primary color.


The accent colors are primarily used for clarity in data visualization or when additional color is needed to differentiate information. Other colors may be used to suit the visual identity and messaging.


Typography is essential to establishing the character of the brand and making it recognizable. The typefaces chosen are an important vehicle for a message and typefaces. Other typefaces may be used as long as they are readable and improve the visual identity or messaging.