Currently, we are not accepting new volunteers. We hope to welcome volunteers again in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

Volunteers make a tremendous difference in the lives of youth at Boys & Girls Clubs and are vital to the success of our programs and special events. We invite you to learn more about how you can help kids build great futures. To become a volunteer, inquire about training, requirements and upcoming opportunities, please contact Adrial Mitchell, Volunteer Coordinator, at amitchell@bgcomaha.org.

The Volunteer Process

Although the work of the Club is of a sensitive nature and the Club is required to follow strict licensing standards, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands assesses each individual’s volunteer application on a case by case basis and does not automatically disqualify candidates based on a criminal record. Generally, convictions involving violence, theft, drugs, terroristic threats, multiple or repeated offenses, crimes against nature, weapons, or any felony/misdemeanor relating to the welfare of a child would disqualify the applicant for volunteer service with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands.

Community Service

Due to the sensitive nature of the work of the Boys & Girls Clubs, identifying the right people to work with, volunteer at, or spend time with Boys & Girls Club members is one of the most important business decisions Clubs make on an ongoing basis. Every effort must be made to identify and select candidates whose skillsexperience and motivation match the Club’s requirements. Ongoing relationships with caring adults are a critical element in our strategy for deepening impact. BGCM depends on passionate, caring and experienced adults to volunteer at the club and we have an established process to make that happen. Everyone doing Community Service will be considered a Volunteer by BGCM. Therefore they must follow the Volunteer Process and be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator before doing any service.

At-will Community Service

All Groups should be forwarded directly to the Volunteer Coordinator. BGCM allows at-will Community Service for:

  • College classes
  • High School Classes
  • Youth Groups
  • Religious Groups
  • Other Non-Profits
  • Business Groups

Court Ordered Community Service

The BGCM allows active club members (18 and younger) with court ordered community service to complete their service at the clubs.   Club members may work with the staff at their club to complete their designated hours. Community service will be decided on a case by case basis and members will not be allowed do to community service for any offenses involving violence, theft, drugs, terroristic threats, crimes against nature, weapons, any felony or misdemeanor relating to the welfare of a child.The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands, however, does not accept adults (19 years or older) to perform court ordered community service. This decision was based on several factors:

  • A court ordered community service worker’s primary motivation is completing the hours and not working with young people
  • Unrecoverable cost of completing background checks
  • Additional staff time needed in managing adult court ordered community service workers
  • Potential adults with undesirable background / experiences interacting at the Boys & Girls Clubs