Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Family Guild is a group of engaged, dynamic women that serve as a liaison to the community and are dedicated to the growth of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands. Born out of a need to assist Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands, the Family Guild has been active with the Clubs since 1998. The Family Guild Board supports the Clubs by providing grant opportunities to our 14 Clubs, planning our annual On the Road fundraiser, Thanksgiving dinners, holiday activities, and other Club events and activities.

The Family Guild raises money to provide grants to the Clubs for a variety of programs or activities that Clubs would like to implement. In past years, Clubs have been able to purchase items such as an iGarden (Indoor Garden), iPads, step counters for the Triple Play fitness program, cameras for the Digital Arts program and transportation to and from field trips. The Family Guild’s efforts are critical to the success of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands. Please join us in our mission to raise $10,000 to give away in Guild Grants in December 2022!

Become a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Family Guild Board today! As an ACTIVE Family Guild Board member, you attend meetings, Guild socials, Club events, and participate in other Guild opportunities. Your membership is tax deductible and you will receive recognition for your service on Boys & Girls Club Family Guild!

If you are interested in becoming an active Guild Board member, please contact our VP of Membership, Katie Triplett at

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Family Guild Officers

Chaley Chandler, President
Megan Reay, President-Elect
Nichole Nelson, Secretary
Melissa Carlberg, Treasurer
Katie Triplett, VP of Membership
Lindsey Tonniges, VP of Grants
Emily Oxley, VP of Communications
Nichole Nelson, VP of Grants-Elect
Adrienne Kugler, VP of Membership-Elect
Kelli Tierney, Parliamentarian
Randi Sinclair, Advisor

Emily Beller
Tammi Bishop*
Alexis Boulos
Erica Bryant
Jennifer Buda
Angela Cutler
Shannon Dombrowski
Jenny Doyle*
Jessica Feilmeier
Chloe Firestone
Sarah Freeland
Mindy Geis
Ellie Grace
Catherine Harrington
Meghan Hope
Becki Kerns
Renee Jensen
Ande Johnson*
Peter Marlette
Kate Meyer
Patrice Ott
Sara Pitts
Kelley Maxwell
Gina McDevitt
Stephanie Reisdorff
Colette Siner
Cristina Toth
Janelle Ward
Jeri Wiedel
*Past President
Robert and Anne Bothe
Traci and Bradley Copple
Leslie and Matt DeBoer
Julie and Ken Elliot
Cathy and Todd Engle
Jodi Epstein
Amy and Joe Frost
Amber and Robert Futhey
Jenna Gabrial Gallagher
Amber and Andrew Gard
Marie Larchick and Arthur Haney
Karen and Kim Hawkins
Cindy and Scott Heider
Susie and Dan Hemphill
Becky and Scott Hinckley
Ronald and Cathy Hinckley
Diane and Michael Huffer
Donald and Sharon Igel
Geri and Tom Kunkel
Brenda and David Langenberg
Diane and John Lund
Shelly Marsh
Kiley and Marcus Maxwell-Ward
Michael and Gina McDevitt
Shari and Kevin Munro
Tara and Matthew Neaderhiser
Diane and Ben Nelson
Christine and David Nikunen
Kerri Palmesano
Jessica and Dennis Pate
Stacey and Roy Patterson
Wade Pearson
Josh Perkes
Davielle Phillips
Kara and Troy Plumb
Sheryl and Troy Rodgers
Carol and Rick Russell
Heather and John Russell
Nola and David Schettler
Shannon and John Slowiaczek
Shannon Spillett
Emma Steeve
Ann and Kenneth Stinson
Erica and Andrew Wassinger
Joy and Gordon Watanabe
Linda and Todd Zimmerman