Our top priority is the safety of our Club kids and our staff.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands One-on-One Contact Policy

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands (the “Club”) is committed to providing a safe environment for Club members, staff, and volunteers. To further ensure Club member safety, BGCM will avoid all one-on-one interactions between Club members and staff and volunteers, including volunteer board members.

Individual Staff and Volunteers shall NOT:
  • Have a private one-on-one meeting or communication with a Club member. This includes in-person meetings and virtual communications such as texting, video chat, and social media.
  • Transport one Club member at a time. This includes transportation in personal and Club vehicles. If this is not deemed possible, staff shall use electronic means (such as Facetime) to avoid one-on-one contact alone with Club members.
Staff and Volunteers shall:
  • Ensure meetings and communications (in-person and virtual) between Club members and staff/volunteers include at least 3 individuals.
  • Ensure in-person meetings take place in areas where other staff and/or Club members are present.
  • Communicate to another staff if an emergency situation arises.
Staff will follow these guidelines for communication with Club members:
  • Calls:
    • a) Staff/volunteers will only make calls directly to Club members on Club landline and Club cell phones when they are available, where all calls are tracked and logged on the Club’s phone system with time/date/length of calls recorded. All calls on personal phones shall be tracked and logged accordingly.
  • Texts:
    • a)Staff will maintain 2 staff on all texts to individual Club members. Staff will never text individual Club members directly without including another staff in the group conversation. Volunteers will not text individual Club members.
  • Emails:
    • a)Staff will only email Club members from their Club email account. They will never use a personal email to contact individual Club members. All email correspondence will be CC’d with the Club Unit Director. Volunteers will not email individual Club members.
  • Social Media/Video Chat/Video Games:
    • a)No social media contact will be allowed between individual staff/volunteers and individual Club members.
    • b)Staff/volunteers will not be allowed to interact in any way via social media, video games, video chatting, or other similar methods with individual Club members.

Exceptions may only be made in emergency situations or when delivering medical or counseling services by a licensed, trained therapist, or similar professional or in an emergency situation. All exceptions shall be documented and provided to Club leadership.

Staff shall immediately inform Club leadership if a staff member, volunteer, or board member violates this policy. Should any adult staff, volunteer, or board member violate this policy, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands will take appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Member Supervision Policy

Club activities should be under continuous supervision by a Club staff and should maintain reasonable ratios when supervising youth.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Recommended Rations:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands is committed to providing a safe environment. As such, all Club activities shall be under continuous supervision by a Club staff.

Staff shall not:
  • Use electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, or other communication devices for personal use while supervising Club member.
Staff shall:
  • Abide by all BGCM policies and procedures.
  • Ensure at least 2 staff are present on site when supervising Club members.
  • Maintain proper ratios at all times.
  • Be trained on appropriate supervision tactics and behavior patterns.
  • Ensure all volunteers are supervised by an adult staff member.
  • Immediately notify their Club Director and/or submit a written Incident Report detailing supervision issues or incidents.
  • Ensure all Incident Reports prepared by that Staff member are sent to COO.
  • Ensure all exceptions to this policy are approved by the COO prior to the Club activity.
  • Understand that volunteers are never to be considered staff and are not included in supervision ratios.
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Transportation and Traveling with Members Policy

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands (BGCM or Club) is committed to providing a safe environment and enforces the following transportation policy for members, staff, volunteers, and other adults.

BGCM only provides transportation to and from Club locations and approved off-site locations. BGCM only transports youth in Club vehicles or other vehicles approved by BGCM leadership.

Staff shall not:
  • Transport Club members in personal vehicles.
  • Transport one member at a time.
  • Use electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs, or other communication devices while transporting members to and from Club-related activities.
Staff shall:
  • Only transport members in official Club vehicles
  • Ensure at least 1 other person (BGCM staff or Club member) is present when transporting members
  • Abide by the one-on-one contact policy when transporting members.
  • Keep an updated list of all youth who are transported to and from Club locations while on Club-related activities
Drivers shall:
  • Keep a log of all youth who are picked-up and dropped off.
  • Perform regular checks to ensure all Club members are picked-up and dropped-off at the appropriate times and locations.
  • Immediately notify BGCM leadership if there is a delay or issue with transporting members to and from Club locations on Club-related activities.
  • Submit written reports detailing issues or incidents involving transporting members to BGCM leadership before leaving on the day of the incident.

*See BGCM Transportation Guidelines and Procedures for detailed transportation processes

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands Motorized Equipment Policy

It is the policy of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands that Motorized Equipment is controlled and operated by designated Club staff with restricted key access who have been thoroughly trained in the safe operation of the Motorized Equipment. Designated staff are required to clear the area before operating Motorized Equipment. The area should be clear of all obstructions and people.

Motorized equipment in this policy does not include BGCM vehicles. Please see BGCM Transportation and Traveling with Members Policy for information related to operating BGCM vehicles.

No Club members, visitors, or non-authorized staff or volunteers are permitted to assist with operating Motorized Equipment, nor should they be permitted to be in the vicinity while designated staff operate Motorized Equipment.

Motorized Equipment includes, but is not limited to:
  • Motorized room partitions that divide classrooms and program spaces
  • Motorized drop-down gates and doors used to secure entrances and exits or to create security barriers between parts of the building
  • Motorized gym partitions or gym curtains that divide the gymnasium or basketball court
  • Motorized bleachers that come out from the wall
  • Motorized basketball hoops
  • Lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed trimmers, and similar landscaping tools
  • ATV-type vehicles
  • Motorized pool covers
  • Motorized wheel chair assistance equipment
  • Motorized floor cleaners and chariot-style floor finishers
  • Boats, canoes, watercraft of any kind
  • Commercial mixers, meat slicers, and can openers
  • Ovens, stoves, grills, fryers, smokers, steamers/warmers, and dish washers
  • Ice machines, sno-cone makers, cotton candy machines
  • Pool filter equipment, pool pump room computers
  • Heating and AC units

It is each Unit Director’s responsibility to ensure staff that authorized Club staff (and all other authorized users) are adequately trained and to maintain a list of all authorized users of BGCM Motorized Equipment at their unit.