About Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is a year-round program focused on the development of Boys & Girls Club members as community leaders and begins at the local level as each Club offers its teens the opportunity to apply. Finalists from each of our programs compete to become the organizational Youth of the Year. Candidates are evaluated on a number of criteria including academic performance, service in the community and the Club, public speaking, and essay writing.

Several thousand dollars in scholarships and prizes are awarded to the youth who participate in the organizational competition. Each of these outstanding Club members will serve as spokespersons for the Boys & Girls Clubs in the coming year. The Youth of the Year winner will have the opportunity to compete with other Club members on the state, regional, and national levels, earn additional scholarships and meet the President of the United States.


Youth of the Year Winners

Anthony Baker Jr

Age: 18
Club: Mt. View
Membership: 4 years
Volunteer 2017: 48 Hours
HS: Omaha North High School Magnet
Grad date: May 2018
College plans: University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Career interest: Graphic Design / Music Production

"Nothing can stop you, unless you let it."

Haleigh S. Henry-Fewell

Age: 19
Club: Westside Club
Membership: 13 years
Volunteer 2017: 1,000 Hours
HS: Westside High School
Grad date: May 2018
College plans: Kansas State University
Career interest: Athletic Training

"I want to be the voice for the average teenager who faces the daily challenges experienced teens across our country."

Lorna J Puhl

Age: 18
Club: Council Bluffs Club
Membership: 6 years
Volunteer 2017: 65 Hours
HS: St. Albert Catholic High School
Grad date: May 2018
College plans: University of Nebraska
Career interest: Psychologist

"I aspire to be a representative for youth and be a role model for youth to look up to."

Sandra L. Ramirez

Age: 18
Club: South Omaha Club
Membership: 8 years
Volunteer 2017: 192 Hours
HS: Omaha South High
Grad date: May 2018
College plans: University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Career interest: Pre-Med

"I want to be role model to our youth and help motivate students to be their best version."

Teiah N Wells

BCGM Youth of the Year Winner

Age: 18
Club: North Omaha Club
Membership: 4 years
Volunteer 2017: 70 Hours
HS: Omaha Central High School
Grad date: May 2018
College plans: Creighton University
Career interest: Athletic Trainer

"I will show youth how to be the light in the dark places with a positive attitude."

Tony M. Remmen

Age: 17
Club: Carter Lake Club
Membership: 4 years
Volunteer 2017: 48 Hours
HS: Thomas Jefferson High School
Grad date: June 2019
College plans: Texas A&M University
Career interest: Mechanical Engineering

"I hope to serve as a positive influence and resource for our struggling youth."