About Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year is a year-round program focused on the development of Boys & Girls Club members as community leaders and begins at the local level as each Club offers its teens the opportunity to apply. Finalists from each of our programs compete to become the organizational Youth of the Year. Candidates are evaluated on a number of criteria including academic performance, service in the community and the Club, public speaking, and essay writing.

Several thousand dollars in scholarships and prizes are awarded to the youth who participate in the organizational competition. Each of these outstanding Club members will serve as spokespersons for the Boys & Girls Clubs in the coming year. The Youth of the Year winner will have the opportunity to compete with other Club members on the state, regional, and national levels, earn additional scholarships and meet the President of the United States.

Youth of the Year will be held on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at the Harper Center at Creighton University.


Youth of the Year Winners

Nadia Spurlock

Age: 17
Club: North Omaha Club
Membership: Since 2007
HS: Omaha North High School
Grad date: 2019
College plans: Texas Southern University
Career interest: Law

Tony M. Remmen

Age: 17
Club: Carter Lake Club
Membership: Since 2013
HS: Thomas Jefferson High School
Grad date: 2019
Career interest: U.S. Army

Tyrek Daniels

Age: 17
Club: Mt. View Club
Membership: Since 2012
HS: Benson High School
Grad date: 2019
College plans: Georgia State University
Career interest: Education

Destiny Howard

Age: 18
Club: Westside Club
Membership: Since 2011
HS: Westside High School
Grad date: 2019
College plans: Tennessee State
Career interest: Education

Vanessa Richards

Age: 17
Club: Council Bluffs Club
Membership: Since 2011
HS: Thomas Jefferson High School
Grad date: 2019
College plans: Iowa Western Community College
Career interest: Zoology

Juana Mora Valdovinos

Age: 17
Club: South Omaha Club
HS: Omaha South High School
Grad date: 2019
College plans: Stanford University
Career interest: Medicine

Junior Youth of the Year

Justin Knight

A 7th grader at Westside Middle School, Justin Knight has been a Club member for 4 years. He currently attends the Florence Boys & Girls Club and participates in volunteer activities and is passionate about helping others in his community. Congratulations to Justin, we look forward to seeing him grow and one day compete as a Youth of the Year when he reaches 11th and 12th grade.